Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
— Victor Hugo

Between pencil drawings and graphite paintings, I’m experimenting with acrylic color. It’s still new for me to paint almost every little detail with acrylic paint, in color.

I started this painting a month ago after I got inspired by a German artist. Today I finally finished it. I couldn’t wait to leave work early today to finish it, I was literally counting the minutes. I used an easel because the painting is 80x100cm and it wouldn’t make any sense to put it on the table. To finish it, it took me about 20h – I usually draw or paint after a workday. Last month I’ve been busy meeting people, going to physio therapy or do a little bit of training after work, to finish my painting was my last priority. 

Anyway, back to the painting. Twenty very concentrated and intensive hours later, I’m pleased with the outcome – for now. I am still at the beginning of a long road; I need to become more patient. I’m a super impatient person, everything has to be done as fast (and good) as possible – I hate to wait, to dawdle… Everything I do has to be done efficient, at home or at work.


I know when it comes to painting/drawing I really have to slow down and focus on the details. Otherwise I’m not going to make any progress. 


I'm planing to paint a similar one any time soon - maybe with chocolate instead of honey!?