I was thinking about Christmas presents for my loved ones the last couple of days. I really love to give presents and make someone happy and I also like to receive them (of course).  I know Christmas is not about presents but I like the gesture of it – give a present, take the time to really think about something that would make this person happy…

For Christmas I painted something special for my Mom. She loves poppies and wanted a poppy painting for years. Today I went to my omg.this.is.so.awesome  store near my house. It has literally everything you need as a creative being. I picked out the canvas I wanted for my painting and went straight back home to start. 

Boesner store - love love love it 

I usually paint and mostly draw detailed art work. I used to draw more abstract when I was a teenager. I wanted this poppy paining to be abstract and I had a lot of fun painting it. 

the final result :)

Happy holidays to all of you!