25 Things about me


1.    When something funny happens, a good joke or a funny story - I always laugh myself to tears.

2.    I love to drive alone in my car, I ALWAYS sing as loud as I can.

3.    I’m terrible about returning E-Mails.

4.    Bags from Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès are my favorite.

5.    I’s difficult to be more chaotic than me.

6.    Without make-up I look like 12 years old, and at nearly 25 I OFTEN (!!) have to show my ID at bar’s to get a drink or wine.

7.    I don’t like banana, kale, hard cheese, fennel, cucumber, nougat, every food containing cinnamon, warm tomatoes, pumpkin soup, sprouts, meatloaf, pork, desserts with lemon…I’m picky.

8.    As a child I took Kung-Fu lessons.

9.    I guess I have like 180 pairs of shoes, most of them I have never worn.

10.  I have an obsession about designer Shoes - you name it, I have it.

11.  I like to call my baby-sis by the following names; Frank, Frankie, Ilmaz, Pimi or Jimmy

12.  I did my first triathlon in 2013.

13.  Had my first art exhibition at 17.

14.  I would like to try an experiment where I live off chocolate and avocado-chicken tacos.

15.  When I had my driver’s license for about a week I had two accidents within 5 hours involving a motorbike and three parked cars (no people involved, just car body damage) …but I’m a good driver now…I guess :P  

16.  I love flowers – especially roses, tulips and hydrangea.

17.  I eat avocado and cottage cheese almost every day (and chocolate – big no-go)

18.  I only brush my teeth twice a week …just kidding!

19.  I can imagine leaving Switzerland to move to San Francisco or New York City

20.  I dream of turning art into my fulltime job

21.  Perfect evening for me is with friends and loved ones and a glass of wine

22.  My (male) fellow students at university called me “Bibeli” which is the Swiss word for little chick… pffff

23.  When you squeeze my hand if feels like I have no bones, they are super flexible

24.  I play piano since I was 8 years old – favorite composer is Ludovico Einaudi

     25.  I am finishing this while on my cross-trainer and drinking an Eve beer. There are                   many things wrong with this picture.