Wohoo!! My first "making-of" post - I bet you are as excited as I am :P This painting is for a guy I recently met. In fact, I drew this motive with pens back in 2013 on a small paper (which I lost at some point and only had a photo of it) – he saw this photo and wished a big painting for himself. 

I started as usual, I drew the outline, reflection and gloss of the motive on canvas. For me it's the most important part because if I make a mistake the whole painting won't look realistic. It took me about three to four hours to finish this part. Once I am happy with the result, I start mixing my colors. The hardest part was the lolly, so much time went in it. I always work with aluminium foil for one simple reason; If you don't use all of the paint or just want to take a break, just fold your foil and bend the edges and it won't dry out (up to 24h).  

This painting took me about 16h to finish. I used three brushes and acrylic paint in Magenta, White, Black, Red, Green, Orange, Blue and Yellow to mix all the different shades and colors.